Migrating VMs to Google Cloud Platform

Reduce risk and cost by migrating VMs to Google Cloud with help from Velostrata and our migration partners.

Your journey to GCP made easy

Your journey to GCP made easy

Moving VMs to the cloud can deliver compelling benefits, but the mechanics of data and workload migration may strain limited IT resources. Google offers solutions for customers migrating VMs to GCP at no additional cost, as well as an extensive ecosystem of partners to help with discovery and assessment, planning, migration, special use cases, and more.

VM migration strategies

Lift and shift workloads

Lift and shift as is

Moving VMs to the cloud has many benefits, including helping you escape capital-intensive refresh cycles. With our partners' on-premises discovery and analysis tools, you can understand the cost benefit of moving to the cloud. Once you're ready, our industry-leading solution, Velostrata, can migrate your VMs to Compute Engine for free*, delivering a fast, frictionless migration journey.

*The Velostrata product/service is free to use; consumption of GCP resources will be billed at standard rates.

Test in production environments

Upgrade to containers

For some VMs, it may be possible to expand the benefits you receive when you migrate them into the cloud by also upgrading them to containers. To do that, we’re launching our Migrate for Anthos beta soon, which helps you migrate VMs from on-premises or other clouds directly into containers in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) without having to modify the VMs or rewrite the applications beforehand. Migrate for Anthos is powered by our Velostrata technology, so you can migrate and modernize your VMs in one smooth motion.

A phased approach to migration

Whether you're a small business or large enterprise, our products, services, and partners can meet your VM migration needs.

Artboard 6OPTIMIZEMIGRATEPLANASSESSDetermine use cases, explore migration solutions,and what migration journey is right for you.Develop a detailed migration plan with tools, solutions, or partners. Migrate according to your detailed plan created during the previous phase. After your migration, look for ways to establish operational best practices and enhance existing processes.RightsizingGoogle Cloud Adoption Framework Transfer ApplianceCost managementDatabase migrationCloud FoundationToolkitMigrate for less with Google Cloud products and servicesCloud Sprint Technology partnersLeverage the expertisefrom Google Cloud professional servicesWork with one of our many cloud migration partnersFull-service partnersNetworksTMTMsystemsMigrate for Anthos

Migrating VMs to GCP

When you're ready to execute, Google offers a wide range of products and services to help you migrate your VMs to GCP.

Recommended VM migration partners

These handpicked partners can guide you through every stage — from initial planning and assessment to migration and disaster recovery strategies — at your own pace.

Assessment and planning


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Self-service migration resources

If you prefer to move your VMs to GCP on your own, check out our best-practices documentation and platform resources for more information.

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