Cloud Tools for Visual Studio

Deploy Visual Studio applications to Google Cloud Platform.

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Visual Studio as your Google Cloud Platform IDE

Visual Studio as your Google Cloud Platform IDE

Cloud Tools for Visual Studio is a powerful environment to build Windows and .NET applications and deploy them to Google Cloud Platform directly from your favorite IDE. Tap Google APIs, manage cloud resources, and deploy .NET applications to high-performance Windows VMs running on Compute Engine. Run and test your application locally and deploy to the cloud seamlessly right from Visual Studio.

Integrated resource management

Cloud Explorer lets you easily browse projects and resources across all of your accounts in Visual Studio. Get full visibility into your Windows VM instances on Compute Engine running anywhere in the world, as well as your Cloud Storage buckets — all without leaving Visual Studio.

Open source .NET libraries

.NET libraries for all Google Cloud Platform APIs are available from NuGet, letting you manage them seamlessly from Visual Studio. The GCP team has hand-authored libraries for Google Cloud Platform APIs available as open source projects on GitHub to which the community continues to collaborate and add features.

Deploy ASP.NET

Easily deploy ASP.NET apps to your VM instances running ASP.NET and IIS in the cloud using the standard Publish dialog. Take advantage of all the productivity features you’ve come to rely on in Visual Studio, all integrated seamlessly with the scale and reliability of Google Cloud Platform.


Get started quickly

Deploy your existing ASP.NET 4.x apps or create new apps from templates tailored to Google Cloud Platform.

Deploy to Compute Engine

Cloud Tools for Visual Studio allows you to deploy your app into Compute Engine VMs running IIS and ASP.NET directly from the IDE.

Cloud Explorer

Browse projects and resources across all of your accounts directly from Visual Studio.

Windows native

Custom engineered to support Windows, Visual Studio, and the .NET framework you’re already familiar with.

Cloud API libraries in NuGet

Easily find the Google API client library you need using NuGet inside or outside of Visual Studio. Hand-authored libraries for Cloud APIs available for your contributions on GitHub.

Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2017 support

Our Visual Studio extension has been tested extensively with both Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2017.



Cloud Tools for Visual Studio is available at no charge for all users.

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