The desired output location and metadata.

JSON representation
  "gcsDestination": {
  "batchSize": number


The Google Cloud Storage location to write the output(s) to.



The max number of response protos to put into each output JSON file on Google Cloud Storage. The valid range is [1, 100]. If not specified, the default value is 20.

For example, for one pdf file with 100 pages, 100 response protos will be generated. If batchSize = 20, then 5 json files each containing 20 response protos will be written under the prefix gcsDestination.uri.

Currently, batchSize only applies to GcsDestination, with potential future support for other output configurations.


The Google Cloud Storage location where the output will be written to.

JSON representation
  "uri": string


Google Cloud Storage URI prefix where the results will be stored. Results will be in JSON format and preceded by its corresponding input URI prefix. This field can either represent a Google Cloud Storage file prefix or Google Cloud Storage directory. In either case, the uri should be unique because in order to get all of the output files, you will need to do a wildcard Google Cloud Storage search on the uri prefix you provide.


If multiple outputs, each response is still AnnotateFileResponse, each of which contains some subset of the full list of AnnotateImageResponse. Multiple outputs can happen if, for example, the output JSON is too large and overflows into multiple sharded files.

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