AutoML Vision enables you to train machine learning models to classify your images according to your own defined labels.

  • Train models from labeled images and evaluate their performance.
  • Leverage a human labeling service for datasets with unlabeled images.
  • Register trained models for serving through the AutoML API.

AutoML Vision Edge now allows you to export your custom trained models.

  • AutoML Vision Edge allows you to train and deploy low-latency, high accuracy models optimized for edge devices.
  • With Tensorflow Lite, Core ML, and container export formats, AutoML Vision Edge supports a variety of devices.
  • Hardware architectures supported: Edge TPUs, ARM and NVIDIA.
  • To build an application on iOS or Android devices you can use AutoML Vision Edge in ML Kit. This solution is available via Firebase and offers an end-to-end development flow for creating and deploying custom models to mobile devices using ML Kit client libraries.
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