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Google has partnered with Figure Eight as a human-in-the-loop platform to create or help you improve the quality of your AutoML Vision datasets. Figure Eight offers:

  • Human labeling of images, to give a model high quality (and large quantities of) training data
  • People to review the model output to identify problems with the training dataset
  • An assigned consultant to provide guidance and best practices for your labeling job design so that you can achieve the highest quality results

Refer to Figure Eight’s website for their offering and privacy/security policies. Customer interaction with Figure Eight is not covered by the Google Cloud Terms of Service.

Request human labeling from Figure Eight

To request a human labeling job directly from Figure Eight:

  1. Get familiar with the overall job request process by reading Figure Eight’s Data Categorization Quick Start Guide.

  2. Log in or sign up for a Figure Eight account.

  3. Create and configure your job using Figure Eight’s AutoML Image Categorization Template.

  4. Contact Figure Eight for your initial consultation.

  5. Provide Figure Eight with instructions for the labeling task.

    Include as much detail as possible. Make sure to include a “None_of_the_above” category to track the images that cannot be labeled.

  6. Launch your job.

    Results will start coming in quickly and you’ll be able to monitor your results within the Figure Eight platform in real time.

Using Figure Eight data in AutoML

After your Figure Eight human labeling job completes, you will receive an email with a link to your results.

  1. Download the labeled data by selecting "View Report" and format it in AutoML Vision CSV format.

  2. Upload the properly formatted CSV file to the Google Cloud Storage bucket for your project.

  3. Open the AutoML Vision UI and upload the CSV file from Google Cloud Storage into your dataset.

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