Imagen on Vertex AI | AI Image Generator

Imagen on Vertex AI brings Google's state of the art image generative AI capabilities to application developers. With Imagen on Vertex AI, application developers can build next-generation AI products that transform their user's imagination into high quality visual assets using AI generation, in seconds.

With Imagen, you can do the following:

  • Generate novel images using only a text prompt (text-to-image AI generation).
  • Edit an entire uploaded or generated image with a text prompt.
  • Edit only parts of an uploaded or generated image using a mask area you define.
  • Upscale existing, generated, or edited images.
  • Fine-tune a model with a specific subject (for example, a specific handbag or shoe) for image generation.
  • Get text descriptions of images with visual captioning.
  • Get answers to a question about an image with Visual Question Answering (VQA).
Sample generated image in the console
Image generated with Imagen on Vertex AI from the prompt: portrait of a french bulldog at the beach, 85mm f/2.8 (imagegeneration@005 model version).

Product usage

To view usage standards and content restrictions associated with Imagen on Vertex AI, see the usage guidelines.

Imagen on Vertex AI features and launch stage

Imagen on Vertex AI offers several image generative AI features. These features are available at different launch stages. The features and stages are as follows:

Feature General Availability General Availability (requires allowlisting*) Preview
Image generation*
Digital watermarking and verification (image generation)
User-configurable safety settings (image generation)
Imagen image editing (mask-based and mask-free)*
Imagen 2 image editing (mask-based: inpainting insert or remove , outpainting , product image editing)*
Subject model fine-tuning (standard)*
Subject model fine-tuning (instant)*
Custom style model training*
Visual captioning
Visual Question Answering (VQA)
Text-to-live images
Video description*

* To request access to use this Imagen feature, fill out the Imagen on Vertex AI access request form.
Contact your account representative about gaining access to this feature.

Restricted GA and Preview features

Imagen on Vertex AI offers limited access GA features and Preview features available under our Trusted Tester Program.

To request access to use these restricted Imagen features, fill out the Imagen on Vertex AI access request form. If approved, you will be provided with instructions on how to get started.

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