Introduction to Vertex AI Workbench

Vertex AI Workbench is a single development environment for the entire data science workflow.

You can use Vertex AI Workbench's notebook-based environment to query and explore data, develop and train a model, and run your code as part of a pipeline.

For example, Vertex AI Workbench lets you:

  • Access and explore your data from within a Jupyter notebook by using BigQuery and Cloud Storage integrations.
  • Automate recurring updates to your model by using scheduled executions of your notebook's code that run on Vertex AI.
  • Process data quickly by running a notebook on a Dataproc cluster.
  • Run a notebook as a step in a pipeline by using Vertex AI Pipelines.

Vertex AI Workbench offers a managed notebooks option with built-in integrations that help you to set up an end-to-end notebook-based production environment. For users who need full control over their environment, Vertex AI Workbench provides a user-managed notebooks option.

Both notebook options are prepackaged with JupyterLab and have a preinstalled suite of deep learning packages, including support for the TensorFlow and PyTorch frameworks. You can use CPU-only or GPU-enabled instances. Vertex AI Workbench notebook instances also integrate with GitHub so that you can sync your notebook with a GitHub repository.

Your Vertex AI Workbench notebook instances are protected by Google Cloud authentication and authorization.

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