Introduction to Generative AI Studio

Generative AI Studio is a Google Cloud console tool for rapidly prototyping and testing generative AI models. You can test sample prompts, design your own prompts, and customize foundation models to handle tasks that meet your application's needs. This page introduces the different tasks that you can perform in Generative AI Studio, including the following:

  • Test models using prompt samples.
  • Design and save your own prompts.
  • Tune a foundation model.
  • Convert between speech and text.

Test models using prompt samples

Prompt Gallery, in the Language section of Generative AI Studio, contains a variety of sample prompts that are predesigned to help demonstrate model capabilities. The sample prompts are categorized by the task type, such as summarization, classification, and extraction. Each prompt is preconfigured with a specified model and parameter values so you can just open the sample prompt and click Submit to get the model to generate a response.


Design and save your own prompts

Prompt design is the process of manually creating prompts that elicit the desired response from a language model. By carefully crafting prompts, you can nudge the model to generate a desired result. Prompt design can be an efficient way to experiment with adapting a language model for a specific use case.

You can create and save your own prompts in Generative AI Studio. When creating a new prompt, you enter the prompt text, specify the model to use, configure parameter values, and test the prompt by generating a response. You can iterate on the prompt and its configurations until you get the desired results. When you are done designing the prompt, you can save it in Generative AI Studio.

Response citations

If you are using a text model in Generative AI Studio like text-bison, you receive text responses based on your input. Our features are intended to produce original content and not replicate existing content at length. If Generative AI Studio quotes at length from a webpage, it cites that page in the output.


You can change the quality of responses by tweaking the temperature (output randomness), and experimenting with other response parameters in Generative AI Studio.

Citations are available in Generative AI Studio and are available in the API. To learn more about Responsible AI and citations, see Citation metadata.

To explore this model in the console, select the text-bison model card in the Model Garden.
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Tune a foundation model

While prompt design is great for quick experimentation, if training data is available, higher quality can be achieved by tuning the model itself. Tuning a model lets you customize the model's response based on examples of the task that you want the model to perform.

To learn how to tune a foundation model, see Tune foundation models.

Convert between speech and text

In the speech tool of Generative AI Studio, you can take a snippet of text and convert it into a speech audio file that you can playback and download. You can select from several voices and adjust the speaking rate.

Conversely, if you have an audio file of speech, you can also upload it to Generative AI Studio and get it transcribed into text.

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