Using premium OS licenses

Google Cloud Platform supports premium enterprise Linux distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or SuSE Linux Enterprise (SLES). Velostrata supports converting a VM's license from a purchased license to one included in your GCP bill via the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, where costs are based on the resources that you use.


  • VM(s) running RHEL 6/7 or SLES 11/12
  • Migrations organized using Waves

Setting premium license types

Open your runbook CSV. Find the rows that describe the VMs you want to apply premium licenses to. Populate the OsLicense field with the URL from the table below. If the field is left blank, the existing license remains.

Note: OsLicense should correspond to OsType, which is queried from vSphere and when creating the runbook.

OS Version OsLicense
RHEL 6 licenses/rhel-6-server
RHEL 7 licenses/rhel-7-server
SLES 11 licenses/sles-11
SLES 12 licenses/sles-12

For more information from the OS providers, see Red Hat Cloud Access or SLES On Demand.


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