Business user: Request translations (basic tier)

As a business user, translate documents by signing in to a portal that you've been added to. You can translate from any supported language to any supported languages. If you're added to multiple portals, you select which one to use after you sign in.

Translation Hub supports the DOCX, PDF, and PPTX file types with some limits.

Before you begin

After an administrator adds you to a portal, check that you can sign in. The administrator sets your sign-in method, and it can be either EMAIL_PASSWORD or GOOGLE. For the EMAIL_PASSWORD method, you would have received an email notification with instructions for signing in. For the GOOGLE method, go to and sign in with your Google Account.

Request a translation

Translate a document by using a basic-tier portal.

  1. Go to to sign in to a portal.

    If this instance is your initial sign-in, you must accept the Google Cloud terms of service to continue.

  2. From the Translate page, click Select file to upload a local file or click Import from Google Drive.

  3. Select a file to upload or import.

    You can select only one file per request. After you select a file, Translation Hub shows a preview of the document.

Start a new translation

  1. Click Start a new translation to translate your selected document.

  2. For the source language, Translation Hub automatically detects and sets the source language. To change it, click the detected language and then select a specific language.

  3. Click the target language to select one or more target languages.

  4. Click Tune to select glossaries for each target language.

  5. If you want to save these settings as a translation template, click Save these translation settings as a template, and then name the template.

    You can save up to four templates per portal. Your templates are available only to you.

  6. Click Translate.

Use a translation template

  • Find the translate template to use and then click Translate. Translation Hub uses the template to translate your selected document.

    The source language of your document must match the source language of the template.

View and retrieve translation results

After a machine translation is complete, you can view a side-by-side comparison of the source document next to the translated document. When you're done with your review, you can download the translated document to your local computer or export it to Google Drive.

  1. Go to to sign in to a portal.

  2. Click Recent to view recent translations.

    The filename for a translated document is the source filename appended with the target language.

  3. Find the translation to view and click View document.

    Translation Hub shows original and translated documents side by side.

  4. To retrieve a translated file, click Download or select More > Export to drive to export it to Google drive.