Business user: Request translations (advanced tier)

For advanced-tier portals, business users can translate documents by using custom translation models and a translation memory. If you're added to multiple portals, you select which one to use after you sign in.

Translation Hub supports the DOCX, PDF, and PPTX file types with some limits.

Before you begin

After an administrator adds you to a portal, check that you can sign in. Your sign-in method is set by the administrator and can be either EMAIL_PASSWORD or GOOGLE. For the EMAIL_PASSWORD method, you would have received an email notification with instructions for signing in. For the GOOGLE method, go to and sign in with your Google credentials.

Request a translation

  1. Go to to sign in to your assigned portal.

    If this instance is your initial sign-in, you must accept the Google Cloud terms of service to continue.

  2. From the My Translations page, click Translate.

  3. Specify translation details:

    1. For the source language, select Auto detect or the language that your source documents are in.

      If you're translating multiple files that are in different languages, select Auto detect. If you're using a glossary with these translations, you must select a source language.

    2. Select the target language.

    3. If an admin has added a translation resource to your portal, you can choose to use them for your translation. Translation resources, such as glossaries, are available only if you've also selected a source and target language that are supported by those translation resources.

  4. Click Select files or Import from Google Drive to select files from your local computer or from Google Drive.

  5. To translate multiple files in a single request, repeat the previous step to add more files.

  6. Click Translate to start the translation process.

    After Translation Hub completes the translation, the results are listed on the My Translations page. The results have the same filenames as the original documents, appended with the target language.

View translation results

After a machine translation is complete, Translation Hub provides a side-by-side comparison so that you can view the source text next to the translated text.

  1. Go to to sign in to your assigned portal.

  2. From the My Translations page, find the translated document that you want to view.

  3. Click Compare to view the original and translated documents side by side.

  4. To retrieve the translated file, go back to the My translations page, and then click Download or select More > Export to drive to export it to Google drive.