Business user: Request post-edits

When using an advanced-tier portal, you can send machine translated content to post-editing. During post-editing, translators review the machine-translated document and make edits.

If you selected a translation memory with your initial translation request, Translation Hub saves any edits made by the translator to that translation memory. If you didn't select a translation memory, Translation Hub doesn't save any edits.

Before you begin

An administrator must have created translator groups by using the Google Cloud console. For more information, see Admin: Enable users to request post-edits.

Also, you must have completed a translation in an advanced-tier portal.

Request a post-edit

  1. Sign in to your portal.

  2. From the list of translations, find the translation to send for post-editing.

  3. Select More > Send for post-editing.

    The status of the translation must be MT completed. For example, you cannot resend an item that has already been post-edited.

  4. In the Send for post-editing dialog, select a translator group.

    The status of your translation changes to Post-editing in progress. All translators in the group are notified of your request. The first translator who opens the notification is assigned as the reviewer.

    When the status changes to Post-editing complete, your post-edit request is complete.

What's next