Pricing AutoML Translation

AutoML Translation enables you to create your own custom translation models so that translation queries return results specific to your domain. Prices for usage of AutoML Translation are computed based on the amount of training required (in hours) and how many characters you send for translation.

Training costs

The cost for training a model is $76.00 per hour. The time required to train your model depends on the size and complexity of your training data. If training fails for any reason other than a user-initiated cancelation, you will not be billed for the time. You will be charged for training time if you cancel the operation.

Number of training pairs Typical training time
Fewer than 1000 1 - 2 hours
1000 - 10,000 1.5 - 2.5 hours
10,001 - 100,000 1.5 - 4 hours
100,001 - 1,000,000 2.5 - 5 hours
1,000,001 - 10,000,000 5 - 7.5 hours
More than 10,000,000 6 hours or more

Translation costs

Your usage of AutoML Translation is calculated in terms of how many characters you send for translation with an AutoML custom model. Translation usage is calculated in millions of characters, where 1 million = 106 characters.

0 - .5 million characters .5 - 5 million characters
Translation Free $80 per 1,000,000 characters*

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

* Price is per character sent for processing, including whitespace characters. Empty queries are charged for one character. Google charges on per character basis, even if the character is multiple bytes, where a character corresponds to a (code-point). For example, translating "こんにちは" to English counts as 5 characters for the purposes of billing.

If you are requesting translation for over 5 million characters per month, then contact a sales representative to discuss discount pricing.

Google Cloud Platform costs

If you store documents to be analyzed in Google Cloud Storage, or use other Google Cloud Platform resources in tandem with the AutoML Translation, such as Google App Engine instances, then you will also be billed for the use of those services. See the Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator to determine other costs based on current rates.

To view your current billing status in the Cloud Console, including usage and your current bill, see the Billing page. For more details about managing your account, see the Cloud Billing Documentation or Billing and Payments Support.

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