Frequently Asked Questions

Is Transfer Appliance available in my country?
Transfer Appliance is currently only available in the United States. Provide the details of where your data is physically located when filling out the Transfer Appliance beta application form.
I just filled out the form to request a Transfer Appliance. When can I expect to receive one?
We will respond within 2-3 business days of receiving your request with an acknowledgement or follow-up questions.
How fast can my data be migrated to Google Cloud Platform?

The Transfer Appliance data migration process consists of the following steps:

  1. Data capture
  2. Data upload
  3. Rehydration (reduplication, decompression and decryption)

The data capture stage takes the longest, often due to the time required to set up and configure the appliance. Common bottlenecks for the data capture stage can also include the use of slower networks (1Gbps or less) and low performance storage servers.

You can reduce the time needed for the data migration process by talking to your Google Customer Engineer and putting together a strategy prior to requesting a Transfer Appliance.

What if I have more than 500 terabytes (TB) of data to transfer?
Multiple Transfer Appliances are sent to you to accommodate your data transfer needs.
Can I use Transfer Appliance at multiple sites in my organization?
Yes. If you choose to do this, you are responsible for shipping Transfer Appliance between sites. Refer to the Transfer Appliance Service Specific Terms.
How secure is my data during the data migration process?
Your data is secured with industry standard AES256 encryption. You control the encryption keys, and they are not stored on Transfer Appliance when it is in transit.
Is there any type of data that I can't transfer with Transfer Appliance?
Transfer Appliance isn't HIPAA compliant.
What happens if I receive Transfer Appliance but decide not to proceed with data migration?
You can abandon the data migration process at any time and ship Transfer Appliance back to Google. You are still billed for Transfer Appliance. Any data that you have already captured to Transfer Appliance is securely wiped at the earliest opportunity.
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