Monitoring Data Capture Jobs

As you are running data capture jobs, you can use the Google Transfer Appliance web interface to monitor their status.

  1. On a workstation, connect to the Transfer Appliance web interface.
  2. In the Jobs Monitor pane, all data capture jobs are displayed along with their status. A summary of how many jobs are running, completed, and failed, as well as the total number of jobs, displays at the bottom of the page.

    Completed jobs display a green checkmark if successful, an orange checkmark if partially successful (for example, if some files were skipped), or a red exclamation point if they failed (for example, if there were a network failure).

  3. To get details about a job, such as start time, volume of data being captured, the IP address of the server the data is coming from, and what data capture tasks are associated with this job, click on the job name.

  4. If a job had issues, click the warning icon for that job to get details. This displays a list of skipped files as well as the reason each file was skipped. To export the list of skipped files for a job, choose Export to CSV from the List of skipped files dialog.

View data capture job logs

If you are having issues with data capture jobs, you can download the Transfer Appliance logs to use for troubleshooting. To download the logs:

  1. On a workstation, connect to the Transfer Appliance web interface.
  2. Click the settings icon in the upper right corner of the page and choose Collect Logs.
  3. Choose OK.

    A file named is downloaded to your default download directory. Use a utility like zip to extract the file so that you can read it.

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