Reviewing files

Make sure all of the files in the directories you want to capture meet the following criteria:

  • Are less than 5 terabytes (TB) in size.

  • Have names that follow object name requirements. If any of your files don't meet these requirements, aggregate those files into a file with an acceptable name by using zip or a similar utility.

  • Aren't symbolic links to directories or links to inaccessible paths, for example, stale symbolic links.

  • Have directories that have files in them. Empty directories will not be copied.

  • For NFS capture, data exported from the NFS server meets one of the following requirements:

    • Uses no_root_squash export option.

    • All directories, subdirectories, and files have read permissions for other users. In Linux, other users are defined as all those users not having owner or group permissions. In this case, other users are granted read and execute permissions.

Files that don't meet these requirements are skipped by the data capture process. Transfer Appliance tracks skipped files, so you can fix and resubmit these files.

What's next

Once you have reviewed your files, prepare your network for data transfer.