Performing serial captures using multiple Appliances

If your data size exceeds the capacity of a single Transfer Appliance, you can capture your data using multiple appliances in succession. In this case, save the capture state on the appliance to be shipped in the Finalize operation. On the next appliance, use the Import Capture State feature to continue data capture across appliances.

The capture state contains a list of all completed and incomplete jobs, and the points of failure in the data source(s). When the Transfer Appliance runs out of space while a capture job is in progress, the appliance prompts you to save the capture state of the appliance so that you can continue the capture on another appliance.

Downloading the capture state

If the data to be captured exceeds the capacity on your current Transfer Appliance, the following message is displayed on the appliance Web User Interface: "Storage at full capacity." You must download a capture state file from the appliance to be shipped. The capture state file is created as part of the Finalize procedure. For more information, see Preparing and shipping Transfer Appliance.

  1. Open Transfer Appliance Web User Interface.

  2. Click the Alert icon to display the Storage at Full Capacity window.

  3. Select Finalize from the Menu icon. For more information on preparing to ship the appliance, see Preparing and Shipping Transfer Appliance.

Importing capture state

This procedure allows you to import the capture state from the previous Transfer Appliance to a new appliance.

It isn't possible to re-import the capture state. If data is already captured or the capture state has already been imported, the following message appears: "Capture State file cannot be imported as data is captured or Capture State is already imported on the appliance. Perform Factory Reset to re-import Capture State file." For more information, see Resetting Transfer Appliance.

  1. Open the Transfer Appliance Web User Interface.
  2. Select Import Capture State from the Operations section in the Data Capture menu.
  3. Click Choose file to navigate to the location of the Capture State file.
  4. Select the metadata file.
  5. Click Import Capture State. The capture state is imported into the new appliance. You can now continue the capture jobs from the previous appliance.

Displaying imported capture state information

  1. Open the Transfer Appliance Web User Interface.
  2. Select Imported Capture State from the Operations section in the Data Capture menu.

    This is available only if the capture state is imported. For more information, see Importing capture state. The Jobs History window appears, which displays a list of jobs generated from the Import Capture State operation.

What's next

To retry a transfer job, see Retrying unsuccessful data capture jobs.

To cancel a transfer job, see Canceling transfer jobs.

To monitor:

If you are done capturing data, see Preparing and shipping an appliance.