Monitoring disk status

Monitor storage disk status during a data capture to ensure data transfer completion and integrity.

  1. Sign into the Transfer Appliance Web User Interface.

  2. From the Settings menu, select Disk Status. A dialog displays all active storage disks. A green checkmark indicates a healthy disk, while a red cross icon indicates disk failure.

  3. In the event of disk failure, the Notification icon animates. Click the Notification icon to display disk failure information.

  4. If the appliance experiences a disk failure, email Transfer Appliance support.

What's next

If your data size exceeds the capacity of a single Transfer Appliance, capture your data using multiple appliances in succession.

To retry a transfer job, see Retrying unsuccessful data capture jobs.

To cancel a transfer job, see Canceling transfer jobs.

To monitor:

If you are done capturing data, see Preparing and shipping an appliance.