Monitoring data capture jobs

When you run data capture jobs, you can use the Transfer Appliance Web User Interface to monitor their status.

  1. Open the Transfer Appliance Web User Interface.
  2. Navigate to the Jobs Status pane, which displays all data capture jobs and their status. A summary of how many jobs are running, completed, and failed, as well as the total number of jobs, displays at the bottom of the page.

    Completed jobs display one of the following status icons:

    • Complete success: A green check mark.

    • Partial success: An orange check mark, for example, if files were skipped.

    • Failure: Red exclamation point, for example, if there was a network failure.

  3. Click the job name to display details about a job, such as start time, volume of data being captured, the IP address of the server the data is coming from, and what data capture tasks are associated with the job.

  4. If a job experienced issues, click the Warning icon next to the job to display details. Details include a list of skipped files and the reason each file was skipped.

  5. To export a list of skipped files for a job, click Export to CSV in the List of skipped files dialog.

Viewing data capture job logs

If you experience issues with data capture jobs, you can download the Transfer Appliance logs for troubleshooting help.

To download the logs:

  1. Open the Transfer Appliance Web User Interface.
  2. Click the Settings icon and select Collect Logs.
  3. Click OK. A file named store_debug_data_<timestamp>.tar.gz is downloaded to your default download directory.

  4. Extract the file with a utility like Zip.

Monitoring network usage

While the data capture is running, monitor your incoming and outgoing network usage to ensure maximum data throughput. If you implemented link aggregation, this graph displays aggregated output from network bondings. If you encounter network bandwidth issues, contact your network administrator.

To display network usage, open the Transfer Appliance Web User Interface. The Network Usage graph appears in the main dashboard.

What's next

If your data size exceeds the capacity of a single Transfer Appliance, capture your data using multiple appliances in succession.

To retry a transfer job, see Retrying unsuccessful data capture jobs.

To cancel a transfer job, see Canceling transfer jobs.

To monitor:

If you are done capturing data, see Preparing and shipping an appliance.