Monitoring storage usage

As data capture jobs complete, storage is consumed on Transfer Appliance. You can monitor storage usage to maximize the amount of data you capture to Transfer Appliance while avoiding job failures due to insufficient remaining storage. We recommend reviewing the available capacity compared to the size of a planned capture job before starting the job.

Transfer Appliance displays warnings and issues notifications as it approaches full capacity. Notifications start when approximately 5 terabytes (TB) of storage space remains, and repeat for each successive terabyte consumed.

  1. Open the Transfer Appliance Web User Interface.
  2. In the Storage pane, review the pie chart to determine what percentage of Transfer Appliance storage space is available.

What's next

If your data size exceeds the capacity of a single Transfer Appliance, capture your data using multiple appliances in succession.

To retry a transfer job, see Retrying unsuccessful data capture jobs.

To cancel a transfer job, see Canceling transfer jobs.

To monitor:

If you are done capturing data, see Preparing and shipping an appliance.