Consolidating your data

Depending on the location of your data and the type of data capture you're planning, consider consolidating the files you want to capture into a centralized set of folders or directories.

Data consolidation:

  • Makes it is easier to set up capture jobs by centralizing related data.
  • Saves Transfer Appliance storage space by avoiding accidental capture of files you don't want to transfer.
  • Makes it is easier to configure security and network access to the data, if necessary.

Consolidation may improve capture job performance if it allows Transfer Appliance to be on the same subnet as:

  • The servers it is capturing data from.
  • The workstation you are using, if you're performing a workstation capture.

For information on network requirements, see Preparing the network.

What's next

After you consolidate your data, review your files to ensure they meet Transfer Appliance requirements.