Connecting Transfer Appliance

To connect Transfer Appliance:

  1. Connect a power cord to each of the power supply ports on the back of Transfer Appliance and then to power outlets.

  2. Connect a monitor to the VGA port.

  3. Connect a keyboard to a USB port.

  4. Connect either copper or fiber optic network cables to Transfer Appliance, and then connect the network cables to open ports on your network switch.

    Work with your network administration team to ensure that you connect Transfer Appliance to the correct network ports.

  5. Power on Transfer Appliance. On the monitor attached to the appliance, you will see the Transfer Appliance Console User Interface. This console shows startup messages followed by network connectivity details.

  6. Transfer Appliance attempts to acquire an IP address through DHCP during startup and displays this IP address as a URL (like if it is successful.

What's next

Once you set up the Transfer Appliance, configure the appliance.