Configuring email alerts

You can optionally configure email alerts. Email alerts are sent for the following events:

  • Capture job status changes.
  • Storage usage alerts.
    • These are generated when Transfer Appliance storage capacity reaches 95%, 97%, and 99% full.

Use the following procedure to configure optional email alerts.

  1. Open the Transfer Appliance Web User Interface.

  2. Click the Settings icon and select Email Notifications.

  3. Enter the following:

    • For SMTP Server, enter your SMTP server address.

    • For Port, enter the TCP port your SMTP server uses.

    • For Connection, choose the appropriate security mechanism (SSL, TLS, or None).

  4. For Email Address, enter an email account to be used as the sender of all notifications.

  5. For Password, enter the email account's password.

  6. For Recipient(s), enter a comma-delimited list of email addresses to send notifications to.

  7. Click Save.

What's next

If you're using link aggregation, configure link aggregation next.

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