Configuring Transfer Appliance

To connect to Transfer Appliance and configure encryption credentials, follow these steps:

  1. On a workstation, enter the URL for Transfer Appliance in Chrome. This is the URL presented when you connect Transfer Appliance.

  2. Transfer Appliance uses a self-signed certificate. The first time you connect to it, you will receive a security warning, asking if you trust the site. Click Advanced, then proceed to the site.

  3. On the login page, enter the capture user account and password provided to you by Google and then click Sign In.

  4. On the Encryption Settings page, enter a password and passphrase to use to encrypt your data, then click Submit.

    The password must meet the following conditions:

    • Contains 8 to 32 characters.
    • Contains at least 2 uppercase characters, 3 lowercase characters, 2 numerals (0-9) and 1 special character.
    • Doesn't contain spaces, single quotes ('), or double quotes (").

    The passphrase must meet the following conditions:

    • Contains 8 to 64 characters.
    • Doesn't contain preceding or trailing spaces, single quotes ('), or double quotes (").
  5. On the Encryption Settings Confirmation dialog, click the checkbox to confirm that you understand that the encryption credentials can't be retrieved and that you have recorded them in a secure location, then click OK.

  6. The first time you sign in, you are asked if you want to take an optional tour of the user interface. Click OK to take the tour if desired.

What's next

Set the IP address of the Transfer Appliance.

To change, view, or test Transfer Appliance configurations, see: