Canceling data capture jobs

For all capture types except mounting NFS, you can cancel a data capture job that is in progress. When a job is canceled, any files already captured by the job remain on Transfer Appliance. You can restart a canceled job, which resumes from the last job checkpoint. Cancelled jobs display a Stopped status in the Jobs Monitor window.

To cancel a running data capture job:

  1. Open the Transfer Appliance Web User Interface.
  2. In the Jobs Monitor pane, identify the job you want to cancel.
  3. Click More next to the job and click Abort.
  4. When the confirmation dialog appears, click OK.

What's next

If your data size exceeds the capacity of a single Transfer Appliance, capture your data using multiple appliances in succession.

To retry a transfer job, see Retrying unsuccessful data capture jobs.

To monitor:

If you are done capturing data, see Preparing and shipping an appliance.