Unpack Transfer Appliance

To unpack Transfer Appliance:

  1. Cut the tamper-evident tags used to secure the rugged case during shipment, and keep the tags for the following steps.

  2. Open your shipment documentation located in the large yellow envelope and read the Packing Checklist.

  3. Confirm that the tamper-evident tags have the same serial numbers as listed in this checklist.

    An image of a tamper-evident tag. The tag is imprinted with two lines: the
top line says "ULINE", the bottom line is the tag's serial
    An example of a tamper-evident tag and serial number

  4. Unpack Transfer Appliance:


    If you receive the rack-mountable TA100:

    1. Unpack Transfer Appliance from its case.
    2. Install the included rails on Transfer Appliance.
    3. Rack Transfer Appliance into your rack.


    If you receive the self-contained TA480:

    1. Open both ends of the case. Keep the case ends open during transfer, otherwise Transfer Appliance may overheat.

What's next

After unpacking, connect Transfer Appliance.