Preparing and shipping Transfer Appliance

Once you complete the data capture process, prepare the Transfer Appliance for shipping:

  1. Make a note of the Appliance ID, which you received in the Google email containing your login credentials. During the data rehydration process, you will need this information to select the appliance used to capture your data. You will also need this information if you contact Transfer Appliance support.

  2. Run the Prepare for Shipping job, which optionally verifies all captured data (strongly recommended), removes the encryption credentials from Transfer Appliance memory, and performs other internal processes to prepare the appliance for return.

  3. When the Prepare for Shipping job completes:

    1. Shut down Transfer Appliance.
    2. Ship Transfer Appliance to the Google upload facility.

Preparing an appliance for shipping

  1. Open Transfer Appliance Web User Interface.

  2. From the Menu icon, select Prepare for Shipping.

    If any capture jobs contain skipped files, the Prepare for Shipping Files have been skipped screen appears with the following message:

    If you want to capture these skipped files, click Cancel and then rerun those capture jobs."

    For more information, see Retrying Unsuccessful Data Capture Jobs.

  3. Download the capture state.

    If you try to perform a Prepare for Shipping operation after data capacity is exceeded on the current appliance, a dialog box appears, prompting you to download the capture state. The capture state is downloaded as a file to your desktop, which lets you continue data capture on a new appliance.

  4. (Optional but recommended) Perform a data integrity check by clicking Perform data integrity check.

    This operation checks data integrity by reading the contents of each captured, deduped chunk of data and verifying that the checksum of the contents is the same as the checksum of the data when it was read.

  5. Enter the encryption credentials you specified when you configured Transfer Appliance.

  6. Click OK. The Prepare for Shipping job is launched.

    To view job status, open the Job Monitor window of the Transfer Appliance Web User Interface.

  7. If the data integrity check detects an issue with the captured data, the Prepare for Shipping job fails, and a list of data capture jobs that are affected by the corruption is displayed. If this happens, click Rerun Capture to recapture the data associated with the affected jobs, then rerun the Prepare for Shipping job.

  8. Shut down Transfer Appliance.

  9. Repack Transfer Appliance using the packing materials that were shipped with the appliance.

Shutting down an appliance

Once the Prepare for Shipping job completes, shut down Transfer Appliance. Always shut down the appliance before moving it from one location to another.

  1. Open Transfer Appliance Console User Interface.

  2. Sign in with your capture user account and password.

  3. Select Shutdown/Reboot from the menu and press Enter.

  4. Select Shutdown from the Shutdown menu and press Enter.

  5. At the Confirm Shutdown prompt, enter the capture user password again and press Enter.

Shipping an appliance

  1. Review the shipping label and shipping documents provided by, and notify us of any inaccuracies.

  2. Pack the Transfer Appliance into the shipping container it arrived in.

  3. Insert and tighten the supplied tamper-evident tags through the silver rings on the black ruggedized case for the TA100, or through the black rings on the black ruggedized case for the TA480.

    An image of a tamper-evident tag inserted through a silver ring on the
ruggedized case on the TA100. An image of a tamper-evident tag inserted through a black ring on the
ruggedized case on the TA480.

  4. Contact the carrier provided by to schedule a carrier pick-up.

  5. When the carrier accepts the Transfer Appliance, reply to to confirm your return shipment.

What's next

Once Google notifies you that your data is uploaded, Launch and configure a Rehydrator instance.

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