Preparing to Receive an Appliance

Google Transfer Appliance comes in two sizes, 100 terabytes (TB) and 480 TB:

  • TA100: This is the 100 TB, rackable version of the appliance, which can migrate 80TB-150TB of compressed data, depending on the deduplication and compression ratio of your data.

  • TA480: This is the 480 TB, self-contained version of the appliance, which can store 480TB-750TB of compressed data.

Follow these instructions to prepare to receive the Transfer Appliance:


  1. When you order the TA100, you will receive the appliance in a ruggedized case measuring 38" x 27" x 15". Make sure you assign adequate storage space for the case during the data migration process.
  2. The TA100 requires 2 rack units. If you aren't able to rack the appliance, place the appliance on a sturdy table near the device containing the data you want to transfer.


  1. If you order the self-contained version of Transfer Appliance (TA480), designate enough space in your facility to open, move, and store the shipping crate and ruggedized case. The TA480, including the crate, is 56" x 40" x 36" and weighs 536 pounds.
  2. Assign a 12' x 12' space in which to open the crate door/ramp, and to wheel out the ruggedized case.
  3. Ensure you have adequate space to store the ruggedized case, which is 43" x 27" x 21" with the doors on and 34" x 27" x 21" with the doors removed.
  4. Store the crate in a safe location in your shipping dock for the duration of the data migration.
  5. Once you remove the ruggedized case from the crate, do not remove Transfer Appliance from the ruggedized case. The appliance must remain in the case throughout the data migration.

To learn how to set up Transfer Appliance, see Setting up and Configuring an Appliance. To find out more about appliance models, see Transfer Appliance Specifications.

What's next

Once you have prepared to receive Transfer Appliance, choose a data capture method.

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