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Google Cloud
Learn how to reach your cloud career destination with no-cost training in 2023
Google Cloud Training and Certification

Grow Skills with Google Cloud Training

Grow in-demand skills in emerging cloud technologies with Google Cloud training and certification. Explore our comprehensive curriculum on Google Cloud Skills Boost – our definitive destination for online learning, skills development, and certifications.

Google Cloud Skills Boost + Innovators Plus

The Google Cloud Skills Boost annual subscription is now enhanced with Innovators Plus developer benefits. Choose your learning path and build your cloud skills with the support of the Google Cloud Innovators community behind you.
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Benefits for developers include*
  • Access to over 700 hands-on labs, skill badges, and courses
  • $500 Google Cloud credits
  • A Google Cloud certification voucher
  • Bonus $500 credits after the first certification earned each year
  • Live learning events led by Google Cloud experts
  • Quarterly technical briefings hosted by Google Cloud executives

* Benefit redemption subject to limitations.

What we offer

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Google Cloud training

Discover on-demand courses and hands-on labs on Google Cloud Skills Boost.

Demonstrate your cloud expertise

Get Google Cloud Certified

Google Cloud certifications allow you to demonstrate and validate your expertise with Google Cloud technology, empowering you to advance your career and drive digital transformation.

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Which Google Cloud certification is right for you?

Foundational certification

This certification is for anyone who wishes to demonstrate their knowledge of cloud capabilities and how Google Cloud products and services can be used to achieve an organization's digital transformation goals.

Cloud Digital Leader
Associate certification

This certification is for technical individuals, with experience deploying Google Cloud applications, monitoring operations, and managing cloud enterprise solutions.

Cloud Engineer
Professional certification

These certifications are for experienced technical individuals who have in-depth, hands-on experience configuring Google Cloud environments for an organization, and deploying services and solutions based on business requirements.

Cloud ArchitectCloud Database EngineerCloud DeveloperCloud DevOps EngineerCloud Network EngineerCloud Security EngineerData EngineerGoogle Workspace AdministratorMachine Learning Engineer