Google Cloud training for teams

Empower your employees to develop the cloud skills your organization needs to thrive in an ever evolving, cloud-first world.

Get a team learning assessment

Get a customized learning assessment

Complete the free assessment to understand your team’s cloud training needs, receive a recommended learning path, and get connected with your account team. Team training on Google Cloud is now available on Google Cloud Skills Boost, Coursera, and Pluralsight.

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Discover the impact of training

Discover the impact of training

Did you know comprehensively trained organizations see 133% greater employee retention and 47% greater reduction in business risk? Find out how comprehensive team training and certifications can accelerate your rate of cloud adoption. 1

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Level up with skill badges

Get a level up assessment

Skill badge earners gain real-world experience and an ability to confidently showcase their cloud skills. Learn how Google Cloud skill badges support in-demand cloud skills development and career growth.

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Training that adapts to your team

Google Cloud learning paths provide a curriculum tailored to your team's roles and interests for every experience level.
Google Cloud Skill badges test your team's cloud competencies in an interactive, hands-on environment.
Google Cloud certifications validate your team's expertise in a particular cloud role.
Provide your team with in-person or virtual instructor-led training.

1. Improving Cloud Outcomes Through Comprehensive Employee Training, IDC Paper,