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Cloud infrastructure

Create and manage cloud resources

Getting Started: Create and Manage Cloud Resources

Build a foundation of Google Cloud's fundamental tools and services. Write your first Cloud Shell commands, deploy your first virtual machine, learn how to run applications on Google Kubernetes Engine, or with load balancing.

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Perform foundational infrastructure

Perform foundational infrastructure tasks in Google Cloud

Get started with building cloud infrastructure using Cloud Storage, Cloud IAM, and other key application services like Stackdriver and Cloud Functions.

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setup and configure a cloud environment

Setup and Configure a Cloud Environment in Google Cloud

Prepare for the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification with this series of hands-on labs covering topics like creating VPCs, Kubernetes deployments, setup monitoring, and other topics core to the Cloud Engineer role.

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Deploy and manage cloud environments

Deploy and Manage Cloud Environments with Google Cloud

Learn about infrastructure essentials from IAM, to networking, to Google Kubernetes Engine deployment. These hands-on labs can help support your prep for the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect Certification.

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Build and secure networks

Build and Secure Networks in Google Cloud

Networking is a principle theme of cloud computing and integral to Google Cloud's underlying structure. Learn about essential networking services and practice with specialized tools for developing your own mature networks.

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Multi and hybrid-cloud infrastructure

Deploy to kubernetes in google cloud

Deploy to Kubernetes in Google Cloud

Get hands-on practice with Kubernetes, the most popular container orchestration system, exclusively on Google Cloud. From configuring Docker images and containers to deploying full-fledged Google Kubernetes Engine applications, get the practical skills needed for integrating container orchestration into your own workflow.

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Data, machine learning, and AI

Perform foundational data

Perform Foundational Data, ML, and AI Tasks in Google Cloud

Learn how to implement the latest machine learning and AI technologies. You'll get practical experience with BigQuery, Cloud Speech API, Cloud ML Engine, Dataflow, Dataprep, and Dataproc.

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Insights from data with bigquery

Insights from Data with BigQuery

Learn how to query and gain insights from your data warehouse with this interactive series of labs on Google Cloud's serverless, scalable, cost effective data warehouse BigQuery.

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Explore machine learning

Explore Machine Learning Models with Explainable AI

Get hands-on practice with Explainable AI, a set of tools and frameworks to help you develop interpretable and inclusive machine learning models and deploy them with confidence.

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Automate interaction

Automate Interactions with Contact Center AI

Build conversational, human-like AI interactions to power your customer solutions. Learn how to build a virtual agent, design conversational flows for your virtual agent, and add a phone gateway to a virtual agent.

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Application Development

Build interactive apps

Build Interactive Apps with Google Assistant

Build practical Google Assistant applications integrated with Google Cloud services via APIs. No hardware required -- these labs use the cloud-based Google Assistant simulator environment for developing and testing -- but if you do have your own device, such as a Google Home or a Google Hub, additional instructions are provided on how to deploy your apps to your own hardware.

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Build a website

Build a Website on Google Cloud

Get hands-on practice with Google Cloud's key infrastructure and computing services for the web. From deploying your first web app, to integrating Cloud SQL with Ruby on Rails, to mapping the NYC subway system on App Engine, you will learn all the skills needed to harness Google Cloud's web hosting power.

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