Managing Cloud SQL Authorized Networks

You can manage Cloud SQL authorized networks with the Visual Studio Cloud Explorer. Adding an authorized network to your Cloud SQL instance will allow access to the instance from the given IP address.

To get started, open the Cloud Explorer via the Tools > Google Cloud Tools menu.

Once you are logged in, the Cloud Explorer populates itself with your account’s projects and the resources associated with the currently selected project.

Cloud Explorer shows Cloud SQL instances associated with the selected project.

Cloud Manager

After MySQL for Visual Studio has been installed, right click on the instance and then click Manage Authorized Networks.

Managed Auth Networks

To add or delete multiple authorized networks, use the Manage Authorized Networks dialog, which presents the existing list of authorized networks.

Adding an Authorized Network

To add an authorized network fill in the Name (optional) and Network fields (in CIDR notation). After filling in the fields, click Add Authorized Network. The network will not be added to your Cloud SQL instance until you click Save.

Once an authorized network has been added you will be able to access your Cloud SQL instance from that IP address.

Removing an Authorized Network

To remove an authorized network click Delete next to the network you wish to delete. The network will not removed from your Cloud SQL instance until you click Save.

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