Browsing and managing files in Cloud Storage

Cloud Tools for Visual Studio allows you to browse the Cloud Storage buckets, and their contents, that exist on your current project.

Before you begin

Navigate to Cloud Tools for Visual Studio in the Visual Studio Gallery and follow the instructions to download and install latest version of the extension.

Viewing Cloud Storage buckets and their contents

To open a bucket and view its contents:

  1. In Visual Studio, choose Tools -> Google Cloud Tools -> Show Google Cloud Explorer.

  2. If prompted, sign in to a Cloud Platform account.

  3. Under Cloud Storage, right click the bucket you want and select Browse.

    A new tab displays with a list of files and directories in that bucket.

    The Cloud Explorer with Google Cloud Storage expanded. The buckets
associated with the project display, and you right click a bucket to see the
option to Browse.

  4. Double click a directory to see its files and subdirectories.

    The top bar in the tab provides breadcrumbs as you navigate and allows you to go back in the directory hierarchy.

  5. Select a file to see its properties in the Properties window.

Manage bucket contents

You can upload, download, delete, and rename files in the Cloud Storage buckets. You can also create new directories in your bucket.

Upload files to Cloud Storage

  1. Open the directory where you want the files.

  2. Click the Upload files icons.

  3. In the file explorer, select the file you want to upload. You can select multiple files by holding Ctrl.

  4. Click Open.

  5. When the upload is complete, click Close.

Download files from Cloud Storage

  1. Right click the file you want to download and select Download....

    1. You can also select multiple files, right click them, and select Download... to download them all at once.
  2. In the dialog, select the folder where you want to download the files and click OK.

Delete files from Cloud Storage

  1. Select the file you want to delete. You can select multiple files by holding Ctrl.

  2. Click the Delete icon.

  3. In the confirmation window, click Delete.

  4. When the deletion is complete, click Close.

Rename files

  1. Right click the file you want to rename and select Rename.

  2. In the dialog, enter the new name for the file and click OK.

Create a directory in the bucket

  1. Open the location where you want the new directory.

  2. Click the New folder icon.

  3. In the dialog, enter a name for the folder and click OK.

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