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Bring the power of cloud to your Android apps

Using Android Studio you can easily add cloud-based backends to your Android apps. Android Studio supports the following Google Cloud Platform features out-of-the-box:

Google App Engine enables you to create high-availability, auto-scalable backend modules without having to manage servers or other infrastructure. You can add App Engine modules to your Android apps, run and debug them locally and deploy them to App Engine from Android Studio. Learn more.
Google Cloud Endpoints enable you to expose RESTful backend APIs from simple Java annotations. To simplify backend development using Cloud Endpoints, Android Studio also supports syntactic validation of Endpoints annotations and provides suggestions for quick-fixes. Learn more.
Google Cloud Messaging enables you to send push notifications to all your users' devices from a backend running on App Engine. Learn more.

Useful information about Android Studio

The following information should help you to use Android Studio, whether you're starting from scratch, discovering its more powerful features, or migrating from Eclipse:


You can report issues and bugs on the Android Studio issue tracker or check the known issues page for resolution to the most common problems.

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