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Large-scale time series forecasting and anomaly detection in real time.

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Anomaly detection in time series data is essential for day-to-day operation of many companies. With Timeseries Insights API Preview, you can gather insights in real time from your time series datasets.

Easy to use

Get everything you need to understand your API query results, such as anomaly events, forecasted range of values, and slices of events that were examined.

Real-time analysis

Stream data in real time, making it possible to detect anomalies while they are happening.


Rely on Google Cloud's end-to-end infrastructure and defense-in-depth approach to security that's been innovated on for over 15 years through consumer apps like Gmail and Search.


At its core, Timeseries Insights API is fully integrated with other Google Cloud Storage services, providing you with a consistent method of access across storage products.


Anomaly and trend detection

Detect trends and anomalies with multiple event dimensions.

Large scale

Handle datasets consisting of tens of billions of events. Run thousands of queries per second.

Low latency for queries

Rely on low-latency services and use the API as a back end for interactive, user-facing applications.

Serverless and fully managed

Timeseries Insights API is fully managed so you can focus on insights, not infrastructure.

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