Quotas & limits

This document contains current API restrictions and usage limits on use of Text-to-Speech. This page will be updated to reflect any changes to these restrictions and usage limits. We reserve the right to change these limits. To keep track of your content and request totals, see the documentation about monitoring your API usage.

You can use the audio data files you create using Text-to-Speech in your applications or media in compliance with the Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service including compliance with all applicable law.

You can request an increase to the requests limit from the Google Cloud Console. The content limits cannot be increased. To learn more, see the information on managing your quotas.

After submitting your request, Google may contact you for more information, and inform you whether your request is approved or denied.

Content limits

Content to Text-to-Speech is provided as text data, either as raw strings or SSML-formatted data.

The API contains the following limits on the size of this content (and are subject to change):

Speech Synthesis Limit Value
Total characters per request 5,000

Requests limit

The current API usage limits for Text-to-Speech are as follows (and are subject to change):

Type of Limit Usage Limit
Requests per minute 1,000
Characters per minute 500,000