Supported voices and languages

Cloud Text-to-Speech provides the following voices. The list includes both standard and WaveNet voices. WaveNet voices are higher quality voices with different pricing; in the list, they have the voice type 'WaveNet'.

Language Voice type Language code Voice name SSML Gender Sample
Danish (Denmark) Standard da-DK da-DK-Standard-A FEMALE
Danish (Denmark) WaveNet da-DK da-DK-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Dutch (Netherlands) Standard nl-NL nl-NL-Standard-A FEMALE
Dutch (Netherlands) WaveNet nl-NL nl-NL-Wavenet-A FEMALE
English (Australia) Standard en-AU en-AU-Standard-A FEMALE
English (Australia) Standard en-AU en-AU-Standard-B MALE
English (Australia) Standard en-AU en-AU-Standard-C FEMALE
English (Australia) Standard en-AU en-AU-Standard-D MALE
English (Australia) WaveNet en-AU en-AU-Wavenet-A FEMALE
English (Australia) WaveNet en-AU en-AU-Wavenet-B MALE
English (Australia) WaveNet en-AU en-AU-Wavenet-C FEMALE
English (Australia) WaveNet en-AU en-AU-Wavenet-D MALE
English (UK) Standard en-GB en-GB-Standard-A FEMALE
English (UK) Standard en-GB en-GB-Standard-B MALE
English (UK) Standard en-GB en-GB-Standard-C FEMALE
English (UK) Standard en-GB en-GB-Standard-D MALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-Wavenet-A FEMALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-Wavenet-B MALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-Wavenet-C FEMALE
English (UK) WaveNet en-GB en-GB-Wavenet-D MALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-B MALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-C FEMALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-D MALE
English (US) Standard en-US en-US-Standard-E FEMALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-A MALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-B MALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-C FEMALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-D MALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-E FEMALE
English (US) WaveNet en-US en-US-Wavenet-F FEMALE
French (Canada) Standard fr-CA fr-CA-Standard-A FEMALE
French (Canada) Standard fr-CA fr-CA-Standard-B MALE
French (Canada) Standard fr-CA fr-CA-Standard-C FEMALE
French (Canada) Standard fr-CA fr-CA-Standard-D MALE
French (Canada) WaveNet fr-CA fr-CA-Wavenet-A FEMALE
French (Canada) WaveNet fr-CA fr-CA-Wavenet-B MALE
French (Canada) WaveNet fr-CA fr-CA-Wavenet-C FEMALE
French (Canada) WaveNet fr-CA fr-CA-Wavenet-D MALE
French (France) Standard fr-FR fr-FR-Standard-A FEMALE
French (France) Standard fr-FR fr-FR-Standard-B MALE
French (France) Standard fr-FR fr-FR-Standard-C FEMALE
French (France) Standard fr-FR fr-FR-Standard-D MALE
French (France) WaveNet fr-FR fr-FR-Wavenet-A FEMALE
French (France) WaveNet fr-FR fr-FR-Wavenet-B MALE
French (France) WaveNet fr-FR fr-FR-Wavenet-C FEMALE
French (France) WaveNet fr-FR fr-FR-Wavenet-D MALE
German (Germany) Standard de-DE de-DE-Standard-A FEMALE
German (Germany) Standard de-DE de-DE-Standard-B MALE
German (Germany) WaveNet de-DE de-DE-Wavenet-A FEMALE
German (Germany) WaveNet de-DE de-DE-Wavenet-B MALE
German (Germany) WaveNet de-DE de-DE-Wavenet-C FEMALE
German (Germany) WaveNet de-DE de-DE-Wavenet-D MALE
Italian (Italy) Standard it-IT it-IT-Standard-A FEMALE
Italian (Italy) WaveNet it-IT it-IT-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Japanese (Japan) Standard ja-JP ja-JP-Standard-A FEMALE
Japanese (Japan) WaveNet ja-JP ja-JP-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Korean (South Korea) Standard ko-KR ko-KR-Standard-A FEMALE
Korean (South Korea) Standard ko-KR ko-KR-Standard-B FEMALE
Korean (South Korea) Standard ko-KR ko-KR-Standard-C MALE
Korean (South Korea) Standard ko-KR ko-KR-Standard-D MALE
Korean (South Korea) WaveNet ko-KR ko-KR-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Korean (South Korea) WaveNet ko-KR ko-KR-Wavenet-B FEMALE
Korean (South Korea) WaveNet ko-KR ko-KR-Wavenet-C MALE
Korean (South Korea) WaveNet ko-KR ko-KR-Wavenet-D MALE
Norwegian (Norway) Standard nb-NO nb-no-Standard-E FEMALE
Norwegian (Norway) WaveNet nb-NO nb-no-Wavenet-E FEMALE
Polish (Poland) Standard pl-PL pl-PL-Standard-A FEMALE
Polish (Poland) Standard pl-PL pl-PL-Standard-B MALE
Polish (Poland) Standard pl-PL pl-PL-Standard-C MALE
Polish (Poland) Standard pl-PL pl-PL-Standard-D FEMALE
Polish (Poland) Standard pl-PL pl-PL-Standard-E FEMALE
Polish (Poland) WaveNet pl-PL pl-PL-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Polish (Poland) WaveNet pl-PL pl-PL-Wavenet-B MALE
Polish (Poland) WaveNet pl-PL pl-PL-Wavenet-C MALE
Polish (Poland) WaveNet pl-PL pl-PL-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Polish (Poland) WaveNet pl-PL pl-PL-Wavenet-E FEMALE
Portuguese (Brazil) Standard pt-BR pt-BR-Standard-A FEMALE
Portuguese (Brazil) WaveNet pt-BR pt-BR-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Portuguese (Portugal) Standard pt-PT pt-PT-Standard-A FEMALE
Portuguese (Portugal) Standard pt-PT pt-PT-Standard-B MALE
Portuguese (Portugal) Standard pt-PT pt-PT-Standard-C MALE
Portuguese (Portugal) Standard pt-PT pt-PT-Standard-D FEMALE
Portuguese (Portugal) WaveNet pt-PT pt-PT-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Portuguese (Portugal) WaveNet pt-PT pt-PT-Wavenet-B MALE
Portuguese (Portugal) WaveNet pt-PT pt-PT-Wavenet-C MALE
Portuguese (Portugal) WaveNet pt-PT pt-PT-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Russian (Russia) Standard ru-RU ru-RU-Standard-A FEMALE
Russian (Russia) Standard ru-RU ru-RU-Standard-B MALE
Russian (Russia) Standard ru-RU ru-RU-Standard-C FEMALE
Russian (Russia) Standard ru-RU ru-RU-Standard-D MALE
Russian (Russia) WaveNet ru-RU ru-RU-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Russian (Russia) WaveNet ru-RU ru-RU-Wavenet-B MALE
Russian (Russia) WaveNet ru-RU ru-RU-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Russian (Russia) WaveNet ru-RU ru-RU-Wavenet-D MALE
Slovak (Slovakia) Standard sk-SK sk-SK-Standard-A FEMALE
Slovak (Slovakia) WaveNet sk-SK sk-SK-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Spanish (Spain) Standard es-ES es-ES-Standard-A FEMALE
Swedish (Sweden) Standard sv-SE sv-SE-Standard-A FEMALE
Swedish (Sweden) WaveNet sv-SE sv-SE-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) Standard tr-TR tr-TR-Standard-A FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) Standard tr-TR tr-TR-Standard-B MALE
Turkish (Turkey) Standard tr-TR tr-TR-Standard-C FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) Standard tr-TR tr-TR-Standard-D FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) Standard tr-TR tr-TR-Standard-E MALE
Turkish (Turkey) WaveNet tr-TR tr-TR-Wavenet-A FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) WaveNet tr-TR tr-TR-Wavenet-B MALE
Turkish (Turkey) WaveNet tr-TR tr-TR-Wavenet-C FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) WaveNet tr-TR tr-TR-Wavenet-D FEMALE
Turkish (Turkey) WaveNet tr-TR tr-TR-Wavenet-E MALE
Ukrainian (Ukraine) Standard uk-UA uk-UA-Standard-A FEMALE
Ukrainian (Ukraine) WaveNet uk-UA uk-UA-Wavenet-A FEMALE
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