Summary of Changes to the Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service

This document summarizes the principal changes made to the Google Cloud Platform License Agreement on December 16, 2015.

  • New 2nd paragraph above terms - clarified when the updated terms go into effect
  • Section 1.1 - omitted “and provide the Services, solely as integrated into that Application, to End Users” to simplify
  • Section 1.3 - omitted last sentence. Data location choices addressed in new Section 1.4 (Data Location)
  • Section 1.4 - clarified that Customer may select where certain Customer Data will be stored and Google will store it there in accordance with the Service Specific Terms; clarified that if a Data Location Selection is not covered by the Service Specific Terms (or such a selection is not made by Customer), Google may store and process the relevant data anywhere Google or its agents maintain facilities
  • Section 1.5 - omitted Safe Harbor reference and shifted Safe Harbor references to Data Processing and Security Terms
  • Section 1.7(a) - replaced defined term “Updates” with just “updates”
  • Section 1.7(c) - added provision specifying how Google may make changes to the Data Processing and Security Terms going forward
  • Section 3.2 - simplified to provide that Customer will obtain and maintain any required consents necessary to permit processing of Customer Data under the Agreement
  • Section 4.1 - simplified the language, including omitting references to End Users
  • Section 4.2 - simplified the language, including omitting references to End User Account
  • Section 5.2 - simplified the language to provide that “Google will not access or use Customer Data, except as necessary to provide the Services to Customer.”
  • Section 16.11 - added reference to Section 1.7(c)
  • Section 16.15 - simplified “Customer Data” definition
  • Section 16.15 - change defined term “End User” to “Customer End User” and simplified the definition to refer to “the individuals Customer permits to use the Application”
  • Section 16.15 - clarified “Emergency Security Issue” definition
  • Section 16.15 - deleted definition for “Updates”
  • Throughout - updated “End Users” to instead refer to “Customer End Users”

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