Kubernetes-native CI/CD building blocks.

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Tekton is a powerful yet flexible Kubernetes-native open source framework for creating continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) systems. It lets you build, test, and deploy across multiple cloud providers or on-premises systems by abstracting away the underlying implementation details.

Standardize your CI/CD tooling

Tekton provides open source components to help you standardize your CI/CD tooling and processes across vendors, languages, and deployment environments. Industry specifications around pipelines, releases, workflows, and other CI/CD components available with Tekton will work well with existing CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Jenkins X, Skaffold, and Knative, among others.

Built-in best practices for Kubernetes

Built-in best practices with Tekton will let you create cloud-native CI/CD pipelines quickly. The goal is to let developers create and deploy immutable images, manage version control of infrastructure, or perform easier rollbacks. With Tekton, you will also be able to leverage advance deployment patterns like rolling, blue/green, canary deployment, or GitOps workflow.

Run on hybrid or multicloud

Tekton lets you build, test, and deploy across multiple environments such as VMs, serverless, Kubernetes, or Firebase. You can also deploy across multiple cloud providers or hybrid environments using Tekton pipelines.

Get maximum flexibility

Tekton gives you full flexibility to create powerful pipelines using the CI/CD tools you like. You get to choose the build, test, and deploy workflows based on your team's requirements as Tekton abstracts the underlying implementation.


Tekton is designed to work well with Google Cloud-specific Kubernetes tooling. This includes deployments to Google Kubernetes Engine as well as artifact storage and scanning using Container Registry. You can also build, test, and deploy across multiple environments such as VMs, serverless, Kubernetes, or Firebase.

Artifact management

Store, manage, and secure your artifacts. Tekton pipelines work well with other third-party tools.

Deployment pipelines

Deployment pipelines are designed to support complex workflows, including rollouts across multiple environments and canary rollouts and blue/green deployments.


Get insights into test and build results along with logs as a part of built-in result store API.

Tekton Pipelines lets us power Jenkins X's execution and management of pipelines natively within Kubernetes. Without Tekton, we would have been forced to write such a system ourselves, thereby costing us a lot of time and effort. Further, Tekton is benefiting from a strong development community support for solving cloud-native CI/CD challenges.

Andrew Bayer, Software Engineer, CloudBees. Creator and maintainer of Declarative Pipelines, Jenkins
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