Managing the Cloud Tasks queue transition

An upcoming change in how queues are managed means you might need to make some changes in your existing queues.


The Cloud Tasks API provides an App Engine-independent interface to the Task Queues service originally developed for App Engine. Initially all users of either Cloud Tasks or App Engine Task Queues had to have an enabled App Engine application running in their project for their queues to run. You could thus effectively disable/pause queues by disabling the App Engine application.

But queues managed using Cloud Tasks have the additional capability of targeting handlers that are themselves not running in an App Engine application. In cases where a project is running only such queues the requirement to run an enabled App Engine application added unnecessary complexity. A change in application behavior was needed.

By the end of the year 2020, it will still be necessary to have an App Engine application in your project to create either Cloud Tasks or Task Queues queues, but the application itself can be in the disabled state if it is not required to run task handlers. Disabled App Engine applications do not incur charges.


The new functionality is being rolled out in the following steps:

  1. Beginning on November 30th, 2020 any Task Queue queues or Cloud Tasks queues in a project with a disabled App Engine application will be paused. This is to avoid inadvertently resuming those queues once the new functionality is in place.

  2. From the beginning of December until the end of 2020, the new functionality will be rolled out. The release resumes all queues, independent of the status of the related App Engine application.

  3. If a queue was previously in a paused state, either because of the one-time queue pause operation or because you have paused it manually, that queue remains paused.

  4. Any queue that has not been paused then runs.

Your steps

What you need to do in response to this change depends on the status of your project.

Your App Engine application is currently disabled

If you have queues created either through Task Queues or Cloud Tasks but your App Engine application is disabled, all your queues are paused by the one-time queue pause operation described above.

If you enable your App Engine application after your queues are paused, the queues do not resume automatically. You must resume them manually using Cloud Console, gcloud commands, or your client library.

Your App Engine application is currently enabled

Here your action depends on whether you intend to keep the application enabled or you intend to disable it.

If you plan to keep the application enabled, no action is necessary.

If you plan to disable the application, pause or delete your queues before you disable the application. This prevents your queues from automatically running after you disable the application, as a result of the new behavior.

To pause or delete your queues you can: