Input only.

Geographic region of the search.

JSON representation
  "address": string,
  "regionCode": string,
  "latLng": {
    object (LatLng)
  "distanceInMiles": number,
  "telecommutePreference": enum (TelecommutePreference),
  "negated": boolean


Optional. The address name, such as "Mountain View" or "Bay Area".



Optional. CLDR region code of the country/region of the address. This is used to address ambiguity of the user-input location, for example, "Liverpool" against "Liverpool, NY, US" or "Liverpool, UK".

Set this field if all the jobs to search against are from a same region, or jobs are world-wide, but the job seeker is from a specific region.

See http://cldr.unicode.org/ and http://www.unicode.org/cldr/charts/30/supplemental/territory_information.html for details. Example: "CH" for Switzerland. Note that this filter is not applicable for Profile Search related queries.


object (LatLng)

Optional. The latitude and longitude of the geographic center from which to search. This field's ignored if address is provided.



Optional. The distanceInMiles is applied when the location being searched for is identified as a city or smaller. When the location being searched for is a state or larger, this field is ignored.


enum (TelecommutePreference)

Optional. Allows the client to return jobs without a set location, specifically, telecommuting jobs (telecommuting is considered by the service as a special location. Job.posting_region indicates if a job permits telecommuting. If this field is set to TelecommutePreference.TELECOMMUTE_ALLOWED, telecommuting jobs are searched, and address and latLng are ignored. If not set or set to TelecommutePreference.TELECOMMUTE_EXCLUDED, telecommute job are not searched.

This filter can be used by itself to search exclusively for telecommuting jobs, or it can be combined with another location filter to search for a combination of job locations, such as "Mountain View" or "telecommuting" jobs. However, when used in combination with other location filters, telecommuting jobs can be treated as less relevant than other jobs in the search response.



Optional. Whether to apply negation to the filter so profiles matching the filter are excluded.

Currently only supported in profile search.


Specify whether including telecommute jobs.

TELECOMMUTE_PREFERENCE_UNSPECIFIED Default value if the telecommute preference isn't specified.
TELECOMMUTE_EXCLUDED Exclude telecommute jobs.
TELECOMMUTE_ALLOWED Allow telecommute jobs.
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