Role-Based Support

The Evolution of Support

Over the last few decades, nearly everything in IT has changed. Almost nothing looks the same as it did back then - except "Support". It has become standard for customers to expect to pay a percentage of their overall product costs for their support needs, regardless of their actual usage of support. Especially in cloud computing, which is based on giving customers the ability to pay for exactly what they need, this just doesn’t seem fair.

We want to fix that.

Introducing Role-Based Support

Role-Based Support, our new approach, is focused on three principles:


Flat fees per user per month; no variable "percentage of platform usage" charges


Configure your support entitlements to the exact needs of your business


Change your support entitlements from month-to-month as your business needs evolve

Role-Based Pricing
Role Price Per User/MO Response Time For Who
Development $100 4-8 business hours For those who develop the solution; focus is on depth of investigation, and thorough response.
Production $250 1 hour for Priority 1 For those who manage the solutions that are launched and live. Fast, but thorough responses.
Business Critical $1,500 15 min for Priority 1 For those who manage a business critical solution. Every minute counts. Lightning fast responses.

Additionally, Support for quota increase requests and billing questions is always free for every customer team member, regardless of their Support role. Our free forums, communities, and docs are also accessible to all roles.

We are rolling out these changes in 2017. Please reach out to Support or your Account Manager for more information.

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