Getting support for Google Cloud

This page describes how to sign up for support, find out which support plan you currently have, and request help directly from the Support team for technical and billing issues.

Support plans overview

Every Google Cloud customer automatically gets free support, which includes our support product documentation, community support, and support for billing issues.

There are two support plans to choose from: Role-Based Support and Enterprise Support. Both offer 1:1 technical support for outages and defects, unexpected product behavior, product usage questions, billing issues, feature requests, and more. With Role-Based Support, you can configure your support entitlements to match your exact needs with Development and Production roles for support users. There is also a free Basic role that offers read-only access to support cases. Enterprise Support offers unlimited contacts to Support, our fastest responses, and an assigned Technical Account Manager.

For those without a Google Cloud organization, there are other support plans available.

Deciding on the right support plan

We highly recommend that you have support set up before you need it. Compare Role-Based Support and Enterprise Support plans.

To find the level of support you currently have:

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud Console and select the project for which you want to know the support level.
  2. Open the menu and then select Support.
  3. Your support plan is shown near the top of the Support page, and can be Basic, Role-Based, or Enterprise.

How to sign up for support

Only billing administrators can change the selected support plan, since it will apply to all projects linked to your current billing account. For more information, see Create, Modify, or Close Your Billing Account, Overview of Billing Access Control, and Cloud Billing Resource Organization and Access Management.

Alternatively, you can contact one of the listed billing administrators on your project about signing up for a support plan. A billing administrator can review the support plan and sign up.

Sign up for Role-Based Support. If you are interested in Enterprise Support, contact us.

Contacting Technical Support

After you've signed up, you are ready to start using support!

For Role-Based and Enterprise Support (our default plans), learn the details of support case management.

For information about our availability and response times, refer to the Support Guidelines and GCP Support Regional Holidays.

Learn about service disruptions

For a list of all known service disruptions, see the Google Cloud Status Dashboard. You can also subscribe to the Cloud Incidents JSON Feed or RSS Feed for push updates.

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