Getting Support for Google Cloud Platform

This page describes how to sign up for support, find out which support package you currently have, and request help directly from the Support team for technical and billing issues.

Support package overview

Every Google Cloud Platform customer automatically gets Basic support for free. Basic support includes our product documentation, community support, and support for billing issues.

In addition, you can purchase a support package. These support packages grant 1:1 access to a team of qualified engineers who you can ask questions about using Cloud Platform products and services.

For details about the packages and their features, go to the GCP Support page.

Determine your support package

To find the level of support you currently have:

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud Platform Console and select the project for which you want to know the support level.
  2. Open the menu and then select Support.
  3. Your support package is shown near the top of the support page, and can be Basic, Role-Based, or Enterprise.

How to sign up for a support package

Only billing administrators can change the selected support package, since it will apply to all projects linked to your current billing account. If you're not a billing administrator, you can contact one of the billing administrators listed on your project about signing up for a support package.

A billing administrator can sign up for a support package by following the steps in Determine your support package, and then clicking Choose your support level at the top-right of the support overview page.

For more information about billing administrators, see Create, Modify, or Close Your Billing Account and Overview of Billing Access Control.

Contacting Technical support

After you've signed up for a support package, you can use the support center to file a case with us. Premium customers can also contact us by phone.

For information about our availability and response times, refer to the Support Guidelines and GCP Support Regional Holidays.

Filing cases via the support center

Once you have a support package, you can use the Google Cloud Support Center to create and manage support cases. Follow-up communications with our engineers can either be managed through this support center or via email.

  1. Go to the support center.
  2. Find the product you need help with in the product list.
  3. Click New Case, complete the form, and click Submit.

For additional information about using the support center, see the Google Cloud help guide. In addition, we recommend reading through the support best practices to get the most out of your interactions with Google support.

Granting support center access to additional users

Support center access is given to customers with a Silver, Gold, or Platinum support package. See determine your support package above if you're not sure about the package you have.

By default, access to the support center is only granted to the users that are project owners at the time of signing up for a support package. For privacy reasons, you should ask these users to grant access to additional users, if needed.

To grant support access to additional users:

  1. Go to the support center user management page.
  2. Some customers will see a list of accounts on the left hand side of the page under the New user button. If so, click the relevant account for which you want to grant additional access.
  3. Click New User and follow the steps on the page.

If you have problems adding users, please read the user management help guide or file a support case with us.

Contacting support by phone

If you have a Gold or Platinum support package you can contact the support center by phone at any time, day or night. For authentication, a unique PIN is required for every phone call. This PIN is only valid for up to one hour, so you'll need to generate a new PIN before calling our team.

Local phone numbers and PINs can both be found in the support section of the Google Cloud Platform Console. To get to that section:

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud Platform Console and select the project for which support is sought.
  2. Open the left side menu and then select Support.
  3. Under Phone support then Where are you calling from?, select your country or All other countries. The local phone number and unique PIN will be displayed.

Learn about service disruptions

Check the Google Cloud Status Dashboard for all known service disruptions. You can also subscribe to the Cloud Incidents JSON Feed or RSS Feed for push updates.

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