Extending the Power of Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform partners have integrated Cloud Storage with industry-leading products for disaster recovery, backup & archival and hybrid cloud solutions. Integrations are done with open APIs consistent across all Cloud Storage classes.

Backup/Recovery and Archiving

Through the unique combination of Veritas Information Map, Veritas NetBackup and Google Cloud Platform customers can gain greater controls on data visibility as they move to the Google Cloud at global enterprise scale. Veritas' collaboration with Google demonstrates the shared commitment to helping organizations around the world manage information.

CloudBerry Backup is a cloud backup solution leveraging Google Cloud Storage. In addition to offering both real-time and scheduled regular backups, CloudBerry employs block level backup for maximum efficiency, provides alerting features to track each backup and restore plan remotely, and offers encryption, local disk image, or bare metal restore services.

Actifio lets you capture, manage, and use application data more quickly, efficiently, and simply than ever, across a range of business resiliency and agility use cases. Make enterprise data vaulting to Google Cloud Storage radically simple with Actifio's award-winning enterprise copy data virtualization platform.

StorReduce’s inline deduplication software with a cloud interface enables you to move TBs to PBs of data into Coldline (or other Google Cloud Storage classes) and then use cloud services like search on that data. StorReduce works with all major backup applications and is on the NetBackup 7.7+ console. StorReduce removes hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware cost vs other cloud gateways and keeps your migrated data useable with cloud services. See storreduce.com/coldline for TCO calculator and more.

Datos IO solves data protection challenges so that enterprises can confidently deploy and scale their next-generation applications without worrying about data loss. Datos IO RecoverX enables backup and recovery of non-relational databases such as Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise and MongoDB to protect against data corruptions, disasters, and human errors. Using RecoverX, you can recover your data in minutes not hours, achieve up to 70% reduction in secondary storage costs, and increase productivity of application owners and DevOps teams.

Cohesity delivers a hyper-converged secondary storage system for enterprise data. Cohesity consolidates fragmented, inefficient islands of secondary storage into an infinitely expandable and limitless storage platform that can run both on-premises and in the public cloud. This greatly simplifies both your infrastructure and the resources to administer it. Google Cloud Storage can be easily registered and assigned via Cohesity’s policy-based administration to any data protection workload running on the Cohesity platform.

Retrospect Backup & Recovery makes it easy for small businesses to build a complete and secure hybrid data protection plan. Retrospect automatically backs up your cross-platform network of desktops, laptops and servers to onsite storage for quick and easy access, as well as off site to Google Cloud Storage for archiving and added security against location-based disasters, safeguarding your businesses from the financial impact of data loss.

Mirantis helps top enterprises build and manage private cloud infrastructure using OpenStack and related open source technologies. A top OpenStack contributor, Mirantis follows a build-operate-transfer model to deliver its OpenStack distribution and cloud management services, empowering customers to take advantage of open source innovation with no vendor lock-in. Mirantis collaborates with Google to enable backup of OpenStack volumes to Google Cloud Storage.

Versity delivers a large scale, multi-petabyte data archiving solution for file-centric enterprise and government customers. Versity maintains multiple copies of data on diverse storage systems and diverse storage media to optimize data storage costs and ensure long term data preservation. Versity makes Google Cloud Storage easily and transparently available as an optional storage target for one or more archive copies. Versity enables seamless management of tape, disk, and cloud resources in a single, unified, file-friendly data storage solution.

Disaster Recovery

Sureline delivers migration and recovery of any virtual, cloud, physical, or containerized application and server, at the push of a button. Sureline allows enterprises to use Google Cloud Storage Coldline as the disaster recovery target for occasionally accessed DR images with SUREedge DR.

CloudEndure provides Disaster Recovery and Live Migration for any application, allowing companies to mobilize entire applications to and across clouds with near-zero downtime and no data loss. CloudEndure enables truly consistent, block-level, real-time replication using continuous data protection. CloudEndure’s Cloud Workload Mobility technology creates an exact copy of the entire application at an alternative cloud location – at the touch of a button, within minutes, and with the latest data.

File-systems, NAS and Gateways

Avere’s hybrid cloud platform creates the flexibility and agility needed to integrate existing NAS architectures with the Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage. Data files are easily moved between existing on-premises data stores and Google Cloud Storage. Local storage and cloud-based storage also become available to Google Compute Engine instances for cloud bursting.

Zadara™ Storage offers high-performance, highly available file block and object enterprise storage-as-a-service. The company’s patented software-defined Zadara Storage Cloud delivers flexible multi-tenant enterprise SAN, NAS, and object storage technology for peta-scale primary and secondary storage. Google VMs have access to Zadara's storage, directly mountable as iSCSI for block storage (SAN) and both NFS and CIFS for file storage (NAS).

NetApp® AltaVault™ is a secure, efficient, multi-cloud backup solution. Start leveraging Google Cloud Storage for backup in under 30 minutes, and lower backup costs by up to 90% compared with traditional on-premises solutions. NetApp AltaVault is part of the Data Fabric that brings you choice and control for your hybrid cloud environment needs.

Data Management & Transfer

Komprise enables businesses to seamlessly manage the lifecycle of data and cut costs by over 70% by leveraging all the tiers of Google Cloud Storage transparently with existing on premise storage. Customers can get a free assessment of how much data can move to Google Cloud Storage, and the projected ROI in under 15 minutes with a free trial of Komprise.

Trying to transfer, sync or backup data to or from Google Cloud Storage? Cloud FastPath makes your job easier by giving you a fully automated service for simple, fast, secure data movement between Google Cloud Storage, on-premises file systems, or other cloud storage providers. Setting up one-time bulk transfers or continuous data pipelines only takes a few clicks. Cloud FastPath features WAN optimization, a central cloud-based control panel, and pre/post data transfer reporting. All data in motion is encrypted, and data flows directly between systems – no staging or caching.

Aspera creates next-generation transport technologies and solutions that move big data and digital content at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance, and network conditions. Built on the patented FASP® transport technology, Aspera’s transfer platform and software solutions enable customers to move large files and data sets globally to, from, and between cloud and on-premises infrastructure up to hundreds of times faster than FTP and other TCP-based transfer products. In addition to software products, Aspera provides a SDK platform and engineering services to implement their products and transfer technology. and welcomes opportunities to build strategic alliances or partnerships with companies large and small.

Hybrid Storage

Cloudian HyperStore seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud Storage, and provides anywhere from terabytes to hundreds of PBs of on-premises storage. Policy-based data migration lets you move data to Coldline based on rules such as data type, age, and frequency of access. To enable rapid data search, metadata stubs are retained within the Cloudian platform after data is migrated. The combination of on premises storage, rules-based migration, and rapid search make it incredibly easy to store, manage, and retrieve your long-term data.

Egnyte delivers Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) Services that can anticipate your IT and business needs, so you can easily, securely, and intelligently access and share files stored on premises and in Google Cloud Storage. Egnyte provide you with unparalleled flexibility, unified visibility and centralized control over your files to facilitate collaboration inside and outside your organization and to optimize your past and future infrastructure investments. Egnyte Connect also works with Google Docs.


Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator extends customers’ infrastructure and application logic directly to the edge for faster content delivery, optimized backend workload, reduced infrastructure costs and increased scalability. Fastly enables customers to configure Google Cloud Storage or Google Compute Engine as the origin, and Fastly’s Origin Shield designates a single point-of-presence (POP) to handle cache-misses across their entire network.