Get bucket logging

To list a bucket's logging configuration you make a GET request that is scoped to a bucket and you use the logging query string parameter. The logging configuration is returned in an XML document in the response body.

Query string parameters

Parameter Description Required
logging You can use this only to display the logging configuration of an existing bucket. No

Request headers

See common request headers.

Request body elements

This request does not include an XML document in the request body.

Request syntax

The following syntax applies to GET Bucket requests that use the logging query string parameter.

GET /?logging HTTP/1.1
Host: <bucket>
Date: <date>
Content-Length: <request body length>
Authorization: <authentication string>

Response headers

The request can return a variety of response headers depending on the request headers you use.

Response body elements

The following response body elements are applicable only if you use the logging query string parameter to display the bucket's logging configuration.

Element Description
Logging Container for logging configuration. Empty element if logging is disabled for the bucket.
LogBucket The bucket that will receive log objects.
LogObjectPrefix The object prefix for log objects.
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