Cloud Storage for data archiving

Highly available, affordable solutions for backup, archival and disaster recovery.

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Redefining cold storage overview logo

Redefining cold storage

Nearline, Coldline, and Archive offer ultra low-cost, highly-durable, highly available archival storage. For data accessed less than once a year, Archive is a cost-effective storage option for long-term preservation of data. Coldline is also ideal for cold storage—data your business expects to touch less than once a quarter. For warmer storage, choose Nearline: data you expect to access less than once a month, but possibly multiple times throughout the year. All storage classes are available across all GCP regions and provide unparalleled sub-second access speeds with a consistent API.
Industry-leading price and performance logo

Industry-leading price and performance

Gone are the days of retrieving data from tape backup. Your data stored in any archival Cloud Storage class is available to you in sub-second average response times, rather than in hours or days. Starting at 0.12 cents per GB per month, Cloud Storage delivers price and performance that lead the industry across all your data archival requirements. And with a 99% availability SLA, you’ll know your data will be there when you need it with unmatched cloud storage for your enterprise.

Usable cold storage logo

Usable cold storage

With low latency and a consistent API across Cloud Storage, Archive and Coldline introduce cold storage you can actually use. Tap your data archived in Archive or Coldline directly from applications with low latency, comparable to the other storage classes. When it comes to archival and business continuity, Archive and Coldline change what the industry can expect from cold storage in the cloud.

Google-grade security logo

Google-grade security

From the smallest workgroup to the largest enterprise, your business can rely on Google-grade security to protect your most critical documents, media, and unique assets. Your data travels Google’s private network and is stored using the same secure infrastructure Google itself relies on.

Simple and unified across your data life cycle logo

Simple and unified across your data life cycle

With a focus on simplicity, Cloud Storage offers a unified product across the entire range of storage classes, featuring consistent access APIs. Object Lifecycle Management feature allows your data to transition seamlessly from one storage class to the next, depending on your business’s cost and availability needs at the time. Data movement is seamless and automatic based on criteria you control—all without having to perform any data migration.


Transfer service

Schedule data import from Amazon S3, HTTP/HTTPS, and on-premises locations. Simplify life cycle management through automated archival and deletion.

Fast performance

Sub-second latency for complex queries and data retrieval. Commitment to a 99% availability SLA.

Familiar APIs

Use the same APIs across Google Cloud Platform Storage services, including versioning, range scans, and offset reads.

Partner integrations

Integrations with leading solution providers: Actifio, Cohesity, Commvault, NetApp, Rubrik and many more.

Low cost

Capacity pricing for data at rest is 1 cent per GB/month for Nearline, 0.4 cents per GB/month for Coldline, and 0.12 cents per GB/month for Archive. Calculate your savings with Archival Cloud Storage.


Archival Cloud Storage is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability of objects over a given year.


High read throughput and predictable performance enables IT to set recovery point and time objectives.


Data is protected through redundant storage.

That's a pretty staggering point of differentiation. Google is offering essentially real-time access to archived files compared to Glacier that strings it out for hours.

Ben Kepes, Contributor, Forbes


Google Cloud has developed a growing ecosystem of partnerships with industry-leading data management and protection companies that integrate with Cloud Storage to help organizations modernize their backup, archival, and disaster recovery on Google’s world-class infrastructure.


Highly available, affordable solutions for backup, archival and disaster recovery.

Storage Class Standard Nearline Coldline Archive
Access frequency Frequent Less than once per month Less than once per quarter Less than once per year
At-rest pricing $0.02 – $0.036 per GB/month $0.01 – $0.02 per GB/month $0.004 – $0.009 per GB/month $0.0012 – $0.005 per GB/month

Prices listed are general and apply to most regions. Certain regional locations have a separate pricing structure. Data retrieval and early deletion fees apply to Nearline, Coldline, and Archive classes. For details, including network and operation usage, see pricing details. If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

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