Storage Transfer Service pricing

This page describes pricing for Storage Transfer Service and Transfer for on-premises.

Storage Transfer Service pricing details

There are no extra costs for using the Storage Transfer Service; however, normal Cloud Storage pricing and external provider costs apply when using the Storage Transfer Service. For example:

  • When transferring data from an external source into Cloud Storage, you may incur egress and operation charges based on the pricing policy of the source provider. For example, when moving data from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to Cloud Storage, the pricing in the Amazon S3 Pricing page applies for requests and data transferred out of Amazon S3.

  • When transferring data from a Cloud Storage bucket to another Cloud Storage bucket in a different location, you incur transfer charges. For more information, see Network Pricing.

  • When transferring data from any source into a Cloud Storage bucket, you incur a PUT operation charge for each object added to the bucket. For more information, see Operations Pricing.

  • When transferring Nearline Storage, Coldline Storage, or Archive Storage data from one Cloud Storage bucket to another, you incur data retrieval costs, and you incur early deletion fees if they apply. For more information see Nearline Storage, Coldline Storage, and Archive Storage pricing.

  • When you use the Storage Transfer Service, operation charges apply for any object management that occurs, both in Cloud Storage and in external storage providers external. For example, a transfer operation from an external provider into Cloud Storage may need to list the contents of both the source and destination buckets. For more information, see Operation Pricing for Cloud Storage or the appropriate pricing page for the source provider.

Transfer for on-premises pricing details

The following table summarizes the billable charges for data transferred with Transfer for on-premises:

Service Cost
Transfer for on-premises $0.04 per GB landed in destination

Transfer for on-premises generates charges only for bytes landed in the destination. If Transfer for on-premises retries an object transfer that failed, the initial bytes moved on the failed request are not billed. Similarly, if you start an incremental transfer, you are not billed for files that haven't changed from the previous transfer, because we don't re-transfer the file.

Non-transfer charges

While transferring data, Transfer for on-premises uses Google Cloud resources. Using those resources generates billable operations on your behalf for Cloud Storage and Pub/Sub.

The following table summarizes the billable operations that occur during a transfer operation:

Operation type How the operation is generated
Cloud Storage Class A Operations 1 per directory, 1 per file, and for each file larger than 128MB 1 per additional 128MB. These are billed to the Cloud Storage project for your destination Cloud Storage bucket.
Cloud Storage Class B operations 1 per 1,000 files. These are billed to the Cloud Storage project for your destination Cloud Storage bucket.
Pub/Sub We assume that results are 1KiB per file or directory, though in practice Pub/Sub requests are batched so that your costs are lower. These are billed to the project in which you submit a transfer job.

Files that are restarted mid-upload due to a modification on your premises will not incur an extra cost from Transfer for on-premises. They may incur an extra Cloud Storage cost, as the files with changes may be treated as additional files within Cloud Storage. However, we expect that this scenario is rare enough that it doesn't meaningfully influence cost.

For more information about Google Cloud resource pricing, see:

Transfer for on-premises pricing examples

The following examples reflect Cloud Storage and Pub/Sub pricing as of October 2019:

Example 1

A job that transfers 1 million 1MB files (1TB total) across 10,000 directories to a regional Cloud Storage bucket, the approximate cost will be:

Operation type Number of operations Cost
Class A operations 1,010,000 $5.05
Class B operations 1,000 $0.004
Pub/Sub requests (~4GB) 4,040,000 $0.001
Data transfer 1,024GB $40.96
Total cost ~ $46.00

Example 2

A job that transfers 1 billion 1MB files (1PB total) across 1,000,000 directories to a regional Cloud Storage bucket, the approximate cost will be:

Operation type Number of operations Cost
Class A operations 1,010,000,000 $5,005
Class B operations 1,000,000 $4
Pub/Sub requests (~4TB) 4,040,000,000 $229
Data transfer 1,048,576 GB $41,943.04
Total cost ~ $47,271
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