Storage Transfer Service

Complete large-scale online data transfers from online and on-premises sources to Cloud Storage.

Transfer data to Cloud Storage

Whether you're coming from an online or on-premises source, our online storage transfer solutions enable you to manage large-scale data transfers easily, securely, and efficiently. Storage Transfer Service and Transfer Service for on-premises data offer two highly performant pathways to Cloud Storage—both with the scalability and speed you need to simplify the data transfer process.

Storage Transfer Service for cloud data

Import online data from cloud sources into Cloud Storage and set up a recurring transfer schedule. Transfer data within Cloud Storage from one bucket to another.

Transfer Service for on-premises data

Complete large-scale online data transfers from on-premises sources to Cloud Storage. Scale to available bandwidth and deliver seamless transfers in minutes.

Use cases

Data center migration logo

Data center migration

Move from your existing infrastructure to the cloud. The data you create and store on-premises demands time and significant resources to manage cost-effectively, securely, and reliably. Utilize our Storage Transfer Service solutions to migrate your workloads and datasets quickly to Google Cloud and start saving.

Content storage logo

Content storage and delivery

Data transfer can enable you to push your media assets from other clouds or your private data center into multi-regional setups, designed for video streaming and frequently accessed content like web sites and images. Moving data can enable more efficient content distribution and simpler publishing operations.

Backup and archival logo

Backup and archival

With our data transfer services, you can schedule incremental syncs to enable disaster recovery for apps running in other clouds and on-premises, to meet your recovery goals.

Machine learning logo

Analytics and machine learning

Once transferred to Cloud Storage, your data is enabled for analytics or machine learning projects, via data pipelines that are hybrid or run across multiple clouds or cloud regions. Wherever your data is, you can take advantage of Google Cloud’s analytics and machine learning suite.

Storage Transfer Service

With Storage Transfer Service, you can quickly import online data into Cloud Storage and set up a recurring transfer schedule, as well as transfer data within Cloud Storage from one bucket to another.


Transfer data from cloud logo

Transfer data from cloud to cloud

Quickly transfer data from online sources like AWS S3 and Azure Blob Storage to Cloud Storage in one simple process. Move data to Cloud Storage from other providers and periodically move data as part of a data processing pipeline or analytical workflow.

Transfer data from bucket logo

Transfer data from bucket to bucket

In Cloud Storage, use the Storage Transfer Service to move your data from one bucket to another. Move data seamlessly across storage classes as you optimize for any workload.

Scale operations logo

Transfer web-addressable data

Move your web addressable (HTTP) data into cloud to make serving your web content easier, and to enable data access from a large set of cloud vendors.


Centralized job management

Use the Google Cloud Platform Console UI, client library in the language of your choice, or HTTP REST interface to create and monitor transfer jobs.

High-performance copies

Your data moves over Google’s high-bandwidth network pipes, with resources provisioned behind the scenes. You can set up scheduled, repeated, and incremental syncs of your data, to minimize transfer times.

Data security

Natively supported cloud sources are accessed using private credentials, and byte-for-byte checksums are done at the source and destination to ensure your data is protected.

Visualization of data transfers from an on-premises source to a cloud destination.

Transfer Service for on-premises data

With Transfer Service for on-premises data, you can now complete large-scale online data transfers from on-premises sources to Cloud Storage. With simplicity and security built in, this service scales to available bandwidth and can deliver seamless transfers in just minutes.


Transfer data from bucket logo

Complete large-scale data transfers fast

Transfer petabytes of data from on-premises sources to Cloud Storage over online networks—in the billions of files and 10s of Gbps. Your transfers are accelerated with scale-out performance, using your network bandwidth effectively despite lossy or high latency network connections.

Minimize downtime logo

Minimize transfer project costs with self-service functionality

Move your data without engineering your own custom software or investing in an off-the-shelf solution. Complete transfers securely and simply without writing a single line of code. Transfer with confidence, knowing data validation, encryption, error retries, and fault tolerance are built-in.

Optimize infrastructure logo

Optimize infrastructure management and costs

Achieve competitive scalability at a competitive price. Whether you are migrating your data or opting for a hybrid cloud, reduce your infrastructure cost while scaling your operations with Cloud Storage.


Scale out performance

With performance optimizations included from the application to the transport layer, the service uses available bandwidth and minimizes transfer times automatically.

Security and validation

The service is designed to be reliable and secure so that if agent failures occur, transfers will not be impacted. All bytes are checksummed and encrypted in-flight.

Hands-off operations

With our fully self-service GUI, you can create, monitor, and manage jobs with no training. Our on-premises agent software installs in minutes, updates automatically, and is integrated into Stackdriver, requiring minimal operational attention.


Storage Transfer Service Free
Transfer Service for on-premises data $0.0125/GB

For advanced network-level optimization or ongoing data transfer workflows, you may want to use even more advanced tools offered by Google Cloud Partners.

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