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Supercharge your growth with the Google for Startups Cloud Program

We’re here to help you grow. Get access to dedicated startup experts, Cloud cost coverage (up to $100,000) for each of the first two years, and guidance from Google engineers. Build a thriving, sustainable business, with intelligent, cost-effective, proven technology that helps you move fast.

Learn why top startups choose Google Cloud

Benefits to help you thrive

Get a financial boost.

Scale-up with credits for Google Cloud, Firebase plus additional credits for other Google products.

Upskill your technical team.

Access dedicated support, one-to-one guidance from Google engineers, expert mentoring, and technical training.

Receive business support.

Attend exclusive events, take advantage of selective go-to-market opportunities, and network in our Startup Community.

Why build a startup on Google Cloud?

Innovate quickly and easily

Speed is critical for startup growth. Streamline app development with Google Cloud’s state-of-the-art containers and microservices which can get you from code to production in record time.

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Turn data into real-time insights

Unlock powerful insights and improve decision-making with leading-edge data analytics and AI solutions, including BigQuery, Looker, and AI Platform.

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Collaborate from anywhere

Work together with your startup team in real time with Google Workspace. Get Gmail, Drive, Google Meet, and more all in one place—all backed by trusted Google security.

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Save money

Startups see significant savings when building on or migrating to cloud-native architecture on Google Cloud. In addition to the bottom line, our simple, secure, reliable platform with 99.99% availability reduces risk and increases operational efficiency.

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